We lead the next generation of digital door lock technology that opens a smart home world.

HIONE+ Brand

Core Values

  • 핵심가치 아이콘1
    Protecting People and Family
    in Safety & Comfort
  • 핵심가치 아이콘2
    Best Customer Relationship
    in Quality and Service
  • 핵심가치 아이콘3
    World-First Tech
A Code of Behavior 3S
  • Speed
    ‘SPEED’is the best skill, and a key
    to success in the modern marketing.
    핵심가치 아이콘4
  • Smart
    We work based on Zero defect and Well finish.
    핵심가치 아이콘5
  • Spirit
    We are one.
    And we do our best for become one with our customers.
    핵심가치 아이콘6
A Code of Behavior 3P
  • Proactive
    It is planned and prepared in advance, so there are no issues.
    We create maximum effects.
    핵심가치 아이콘7
  • Positive
    Positive attitudes make anything possible.
    We maximize our customers satisfaction.
    핵심가치 아이콘8
  • Pride
    We are proud of being part of HIONE+.
    It is our pride to provide safety and comfort
    of our customers with best products.
    핵심가치 아이콘9