We lead the next generation of digital door lock technology that opens a smart home world.

HIONE+ Brand

Business Areas

HIONE+ has become a leading company in the digital door lock market with its advanced technology
in South Korea starting with the development of a door lock for security in 2004, we are specialized for door lock
which constantly works hard to make our customers’ life safer and more convenient.

IoT Technology

HIONE+ focuses on ‘Door’ which can be the starting point in the upcoming IoT market.

Premium Hotel

It covers the entire range of use, from unmanned automation systems and ticketing programs to general registered hotel locks that can be used freely.

Home Manager

HIONE+ goes beyond access security and add comfort to customer’s safety.


We lead the development of customized products for various needs, such as Kocom, Hyundai HT, POSCO, Entex, and Icon Controls.